ARaymond™ PowAR Snap has a bright future in the Japanese solar market

Date : 02/16/17

Over the past few years, Japan’s solar power industry has been rapidly expanding. Following the events at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in 2011, renewable energy sources have become a priority for the government and today Japan is the second biggest solar market in the world. Recently ARaymond* and Nippon Steel Sumikin Texeng [hereafter NS-TEXENG] installed a new solar park in Japan using the PowAR Snap solution for the first time, and both parties judged the experience to be a great success.

Environmental Constraints

Japan’s solar market may be in rapid expansion, but manufacturers face a number of environmental constraints when installing their equipment. The country is frequently faced with earthquakes, typhoons, and extreme temperatures which make installing the steel photovoltaic structures a delicate operation. NS-TEXENG installed the new solar park in Iwate, an area which frequently receives heavy snowfalls making outdoor installations difficult.

Japan Solar Farm ARaymond Energies 3

Resolving Problems

Jean-Baptiste Chevrier from ARaymond remarked that using the PowAR Snap clips had resolved some of the biggest problems traditionally faced by solar panel installers. He explains “Thanks to the innovative PowAR Snap design, there was no need to screw in nuts and bolts, the workmen simply attached the clips by hand, eliminating the need for power tools and an electricity supply on-site. The workmen were even able to attach the clips without removing their gloves in the snow which was seen as a big plus.”

Japan Solar Farm ARaymond Energies 2

Very positive experience

The feedback from the customer following the installation was very positive. Mr Umeoka, the site manager was very impressed by how quickly his team were able to install the solar panels using the PowAR Snap fasteners, and how well the ARaymond™ clips withstood the various environmental constraints. He noted that the PowAR Snap also eliminates the need for costly yearly maintenance on-site which is an additional benefit for the customer.

Japan Solar Farm ARaymond Energies

Quick and easy to use

Jean-Baptiste Chevrier believes this project to be a strategic milestone for ARaymond, stating “With the success of the Iwate installation, we have shown that the ARaymond™ PowAR Snap clips are quick and easy to use and very reliable, thereby giving our customers peace of mind. Following the initial installation, NS-TEXENG invested in a roll-forming tool to manufacture the rails needed to use the PowAR Snap. This local production will save both time and money for our Japanese customers and we hope will herald the start of a long partnership between ARaymond and NS-TEXENG in Japan.“

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